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About DJ Scott Savak

Born in LA and raised in the Bay Area, DJ Scott Savak has been involved in music in some form or fashion for most of his life. Ever since his first show, Motley Crue at the Roxy, in 1982....yes 1982, he's been there. Since then, he got most influenced by 80's glam rock, sleaze rock, industrial, electronic, and goth music. DJ Scott Savak have played music since 1988 in rock 'n' roll, industrial, and goth bands. He started his own label, Possessive Blindfold/Unit Records, in 1995 and that since mutated to Heat Slick Records in 2002. He's spent the past 16 years deejaying various clubs all over the world. Having toured in his past bands (The Silencers, Savak, Holocaust Theory) and DJ'ing in the USA, Asia, and Europe.....he knows both ends of the business from being an artist and being an entrepeneur, label head, DJ, and artist manager.

DJ Scott Savak has rocked dance floors and pool parties all over the world in places like Cannes France, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Thailand, Las Vegas, Hollywood (LA) CA, London UK, Cabo San Lucas Mexico, Miami, Morroco, Dubai, Colombia, St. Maarten, Barbados, Germany, and more. 

He has also spun at prestigious Hollywood events with celebrities such as Prince, Jaime Foxx, Ice-T, LL Cool J, Forest Whittaker, Dr. Drew, Tracy Morgan, and Steve Harvey in attendance.


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